Day 12 – Homer

After two very adventurous days, today was a quiet day in Homer. I joined some friends in visiting the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, a free visitor center to learn about the area. (Donations accepted) This interactive center has rotating documentaries, free guided hikes and several interesting displays. It was a nice respite for the […]

Day 11 – Homer to Seldovia Marine Wildlife Tour

Seldovia, Alaska is across the Kachemak Bay from Homer. There are several ways to get there, air taxi, water, taxi, fast or slow ferry boat or private charter. We decided on a private marine wildlife tour on Alaska Coastal Marine Tours. ($60 round trip, senior rate) The weather was incredibly warm and the Bay was […]

Day 10 – “Our” Brown Bear Pictures from Katmai National Park and Preserve

Below are only the highlights of some 1,000 photos I took in August 2019, while on a bear viewing trip. To read my blog post on the actual bear adventure, click here. This was an incredible experience so I hope you enjoy seeing these pictures and reading my commentary. Some of these pictures appear incredibly […]

Day 9 – Cooper Landing to Homer, Alaska

Leaving Cooper Landing I did not have any special plans or expectations while staying in Cooper Landing, I only knew I wanted to see the Russian River again. I stayed here because my friends were down the road in their RVs and this was the closest location to them and the Russian River. I stayed […]

Day 10 – Bear Viewing Journey to Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska

Number one on my bucket list was to finally enjoy a bear viewing trip in Alaska. Four years ago I had booked the same trip, but two days in a row the trip was cancelled due to high winds and we could not fly. I was devastated. I had convinced one of my sisters and […]

Day 8 – Cooper Landing, Alaska

Fishing the Kenai River in Cooper Landing If you are a fisherman, then Cooper Landing is your heaven on earth. If you aren’t, then I hope you are a nature lover as this is a true gem in the middle of the Kenai Peninsula. The last time I came through here was with one of […]

Day 7 – Kenai, Soldotna and Cooper Landing

Kenai I rode into Kenai today with my friends which sits at the mouth of the Kenai River and has an overlook to Cook’s inlet. We drove up to a bluff overlooking the water and saw salmon jumping all over the place. Across the water we saw Mt. Redoubt, along with three other active volcanoes. […]

Day 6 – Seward to Coopers Landing, Alaska

Road Trip from Seward to Coopers Landing It is difficult with only words to adequately describe the true beauty of Alaska without experiencing it first hand. Just driving down the road with the window down to savor the landscape, fresh air and sounds all around is sensory overload. I dawdled along the way from Seward […]

Day 5 – Walking on the Wild Side in Seward, Alaska

It would not be fair to real hikers out there to call what I do on hiking trails, as real hiking. I would maybe call it “moseying” or at the very best “walking” along the forest trails. I do have hiking boots and socks to keep my feet dry but do so for comfort. I […]

Day 4 – Seward, Alaska Marine Wildlife Tour

Last time I was in Seward, I had the opportunity to enjoy one of the marine wildlife tours in the Kenai Fjords with one of my sisters and some friends. This time I was fortunate again to do this with my friends from back home. The Kenai Fjords are actually a US National Park and […]