Camping Recipe: Taco Soup

  Another easy and delicious recipe that makes a HUGE pot of soup to share with family and friends. I also scoop and and stored some of the soup in small freezer bags for quick meals during the winter. This is great while camping or at home.

Camping Recipe: Norma’s Chicken Spaghetti

I am always looking for simple recipes that my grandson will enjoy and actually eat. My sister, Norma, came to the rescue with her Chicken Spaghetti recipe. She suggested having my grandson help me to make the recipe which would also give him an incentive to eat his creation. This was a wonderful idea because […]

Camping Recipe: Julie’s 2 x 4 Chili

Having someone else cook for you makes the food taste 10 times better. But even when I cook my friend Julie’s famous 2 x 4 Chili recipe, it still tastes great. We had this while dry camping in a forest in norther Arizona when it was a wee bit chilly and it quickly warmed up […]