Day 3 – Seward, Alaska

Quiet, easy day in Seward today. Decided to take in the sights of the Alaska SeaLife Center again. This is an educational and amazing research center to study Alaskan marine life.

Just some basic things I learned about Alaska:

  • Russia and Alaska are only 53 miles apart.
  • Alaska has 45,000 miles of coast line, or more than 50% of the entire US coastline.
  • Alaska is bordered by two oceans, three seas and the Gulf of Alaska.
  • Alaska was purchased from the Russian Empire for 2 cents an acre for nearly 600,000 acres in 1867. It was negotiated by US Secretary of State William Seward.
  • Alaska is twice the size of Texas. 😉
Lots to see and do in Alaska.

Here are some of my favorite things at the Alaskan SeaLife Center:

Seward has a variety of dining options. I am quite fond of beer breweries and was pleasantly surprise by the delicious fish tacos at the Seward Brewery.

Looks real but just an exhibit in the telemetry exhibit.
I was impressed by the creativity of the high school students from Kodak, Alaska after a coastal clean up to remind us how damaging plastics can be to the environment.
Always recycle!
Did I touch the critters in the touch tank?
Hmmm, did I touch these?
Actually, I surprised myself and touched many of the critters. The cucumber was soft and squishy. The star fish were hard and bumpy. I did not have the courage to touch the anemones or sea urchins. 😳
Sometimes I surprise myself with my pictures. This was from a burst shot, 20 yards away in the bird Avery.
It was hard picking out just a few bird pictures, but knew I wanted to show a puffin.
I think these were baby gulls. They were up on a ledge and quite noisy.
This bird was within an arms length from me. I was amazed how peacefully she could sleep with all of the people in and out and all of the noise from other birds.
These are sea lions. This was a tough shot, through a glass wall using burst shots. The SeaLife Center offers above ground and underwater views. The water was not particularly clear this day.
Nice shot of sea urchins and anemones.
Fascinating jelly fish. Unfortunately I could not get my reflection out of the picture because of the surrounding lighting.
This was quite the industrious Alaskan King Crab. He crawled all over the place.
I was playing with the filters on my camera and caught this sparkly picture of a flock of gulls flying off. I was on an outdoor observation deck overlooking Resurrection Bay.
I like this sparkly picture of Resurrection Bay.
Raspberry Wheat, quite flavorful.

Dinner was enjoyable with about 18 friends as we enjoyed fresh seafood overlooking the marina at Chinook’s restaurant. The waitress worked really hard and did a great job taking care of us.

It was a nice relaxing day. Tomorrow is a wildlife boat trip in Resurrection Bay.

Remember, “not all who wander are lost”. J.R.R. Tolkien

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