Day 4 – Seward, Alaska Marine Wildlife Tour

Last time I was in Seward, I had the opportunity to enjoy one of the marine wildlife tours in the Kenai Fjords with one of my sisters and some friends. This time I was fortunate again to do this with my friends from back home.

The Kenai Fjords are actually a US National Park and on our tour we were joined by a Park Ranger who provided insight into our excursion about the wildlife we were able to see. She also offered a Junior Ranger program in cooperation with the Alaskan SeaLife Center. All I could think about was how much my grandson would have enjoyed earning another Junior Ranger badge.

We chose a Major Marine five hour marine wildlife tour that included a prime rib and fresh salmon lunch. Delicious! This is a locally owned family business and they work hard to ensure every passenger is safe and has a pleasant experience. The weather was perfect, around 60 degrees, but I dressed in light layers so I could go out on deck to get pictures. It was a bit cooler but enjoyable.

Small boat marina with cruise ships in the background.
Our boat for the day. All aboard!
Keeping an eye on the marina as we headed out into Resurrection Bay, this eagle was looking for easy pickings from all of the fishing boats.
Leaving Seward harbor.
Snapshot of some fog rolling in. Also, playing with my sparkly camera filter.
Puffins. Did you know they can dive 600 feet underwater to get foot? Wow!
White harbor seal. Hard picture to get. My guess we were 150-200 yards away and the boat was rocking. The Ranger said these seals are very shy so we had to keep quiet.
I like this picture of a sea gull skimming the water in search of food.
I love the contrasts here with rough rocks, water and trees cropping up. It is like a bouquet of flowers in the middle of the ocean.
This was a difficult picture to get from a rocky boat over 100 yards from shore. I used the burst shot on my camera then picked out my favorites when I could see them on my iPad.
If you look to the left in the picture, you can see a larger sea lion barking at the smaller sea lions. Maybe she is a momma barking at her children to behave. 😁
We were thrilled to see some Orca whales. The Captain went out of his way to make this possible.
As everyone on the boat blocked my view. I noticed the Orca whales heading to our boat. Da dum, da dum…….
Heading back to Seward, the Ranger told us about Bear Glacier.
This was a first for me to see a Blue Iceberg at the foot of Bear Glacier.
Seward SeaLife Center on left and City RV park.
Seward City RV park.
Coming back into the Seward small boat marina.
Otter in small boat marina. He is munching something, likely a mollusk.

Such a fun, relaxing day. Interesting that people on our boat were from all over the world. So glad we could share the time together and marvel in God’s natural wonders.

Headed back to Soo’s B&B and just relaxed. Sunset came well after 10pm, and I tried to look for my eye mask so I could sleep. No luck.

Looking for an easy trail to walk tomorrow. Need to be bear safe, so looking for the right place to hike.

Remember, “not all who wander are lost”. J.R.R. Tolkien

The RV Lady


  1. Nancy I can’t even imagine the excitement when you got the picture of the Or a Whale. Alaska is God’s Cou try that’s for sure

  2. So jealous!! Safe travels:)