Day 6 – Seward to Coopers Landing, Alaska

Road Trip from Seward to Coopers Landing

It is difficult with only words to adequately describe the true beauty of Alaska without experiencing it first hand. Just driving down the road with the window down to savor the landscape, fresh air and sounds all around is sensory overload. I dawdled along the way from Seward to Coopers Landing, just capturing pictures from roadside photo stops.

So come along to enjoy the scenery and imagine you were along for the ride.

I am like a homing beacon for great barbecue and cold beer. 😁

Interesting and helpful information to think about in the restroom as the next restroom is a good distance away.

One of My Favorites, the Russian River

Fair warning. However, my friends made enough noise to keep the bears away, much to my chagrin.
Fireweed along the Russian River Boardwalk.
Russian River
Russian River Boardwalk
Russian River one on the line
Russian River Bear warning


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! Safe travels 🙂