First (fun) RV Road Trip

So one reason for getting an RV now rather than wait until I retire, is so I can take little side trips to enjoy my home on wheels NOW! I am also practicing for my Canada/Alaska trip I am planning with friends. This is my 1st fun road trip. I actually drove the motor home from Denver to Tulsa, but had no time to relax.

I had planned to meet my son and grandson for the long Labor Day weekend by finding a campground that was a reasonable driving distance for both of us. I stumbled across a place west of Dallas called The Vineyards on Lake Grapevine. I did not know I had picked out such a nice place until I actually arrived. As it turned out, my son and grandson could not make it as they were in Houston during the flooding from Hurricane Harvey and the roads were closed and gas was hard to find. I did have the opportunity to see a friend from my old church who I had not seen in a couple of years.

I learned a few things I realized I did not have as I invited guests to my mini-home for steak dinner, such as napkins, glasses, charcoal and a grill. Those things would have been helpful, but we just made do. My friends sipped wine from my finest Corelle coffee cups. We figured out how to pull out my dining table and dined quite elegantly on my paper plates with mixed silverware. How fun!

When I planned my trip, Google told me it was only a four hour drive, but failed to tell me about the one lane roads due to construction and everyone leaving work early for the weekend. I also had to plan because of the gas shortage in Dallas, but plenty of gas in Oklahoma. I am used to traveling with my sister, but had to deal with my Google maps. I don’t know if you realize it, but Google takes you to some adventurous places, especially if you miss an exit.

So my four hour trip turned into a LONG six hour trip. I had called ahead to the Camp Host to let them know I would be coming in late because of the traffic and construction. I am not fond of driving at night, especially in unfamiliar territory driving a 26,000 lb. motor home. Much to my surprise, when I finally made it to the RV Park, the Camp Host met me at the gate, escorted me to my lot, guided me as I backed into my spot AND even hooked up my water and electricity. Who does that? So kind.

I was able to catch some fireworks on Friday night. My spot was just ideal, all waterfront surrounded by well trimmed grass area. I had full hookups, paved pad, TONS of grassy area and wide open space.

The next morning my dog Marshall and I sat outside to catch the sunrise. I sipped my coffee and he kept watch to be sure no one set foot on our new property. I think this is what Heaven looks like. Peaceful and relaxing.

Happy Camping, friends!

The RV Lady