First Week in My RV

At the end of the first week in my RV, I was reminded of how blessed I am. I have worked hard to achieve one of my personal goals, to purchase an RV and enjoy a simple life. This RV life allows me to travel and enjoy the beauty of this incredible country. One of my favorite things when camping is to sip my morning coffee and look out at the campground of trees and wildlife. All nature – live and in action. A peaceful setting at its best.

On one morning I needed to head to town and purchase a few things for the RV to make things a little easier on me. I was staying in a little RV park, deep in the country woods near the little town of Skiatook, Oklahoma. I love the quiet, no traffic, relaxing campground. This particular morning I asked Google for directions to Skiatook to go to the store. Google maps still worked for me even though my cell service was lacking. Siri guided me down the “fastest” route with only one car behind me down a back road with a short gravel roadway. How fun! I saw horses, ponies, lots of green, green acreage, beautiful homes and a cow standing in a pond. I admire the folks who chose this as their home. I imagined them relaxing over the breakfast table with their families and friends. Later I saw all of their pickup trucks as I passed the local churches. How blessed they are to live in such beauty every single day. THIS is America. Hard working people who care for their land, their community and who live their lives to honor God.

This is what I learned about RV life my first week:

  1. It is really nice to just be a few steps to the laundry. Having lots of quarters handy sure helps.
  2. I really appreciate the WiFi, even though my cell service is not that great.
  3. My son taught me how to make phone calls across the internet.
  4. My dog, Marshall, is scared of being in a campground. I’ll give him time to settle down. Scoops of canned pumpkin help with his digestive system.
  5. You only need to dump the sewer about once per week. I forgot and had it wide open. Fluids are a good thing.
  6. Air conditioning in humid Oklahoma is a wonderful treat. A wise investment in any RV is to have two A/Cs with 50 AMP service.
  7. Everything has its’ own little place to go and I have to remember where I put it.
  8. Less is a good thing. Much less is even better.
  9. RV people are nice and very resourceful.
  10. It is important to buy a sewer hose sidewinder to hold up the sewer hose.
  11. Taking off my shoes and wiping my dog’s feet before we enter the RV, keeps the RV cleaner.
  12. Costco has wonderful mattress toppers and cool pillows that are incredibly comfortable so I can sleep a little better.
  13. I need a lot more practice with the microwave convection oven. Next week.
  14. A router is important with public WiFi. It provides a level of protection for my on line banking.
  15. It is hard to find a bath mat for a little bitty RV shower. I learned to fold one in half and will rotate sides.
  16. I have great friends who call to check on me.
  17. Dog hugs in the morning are a really nice way to start the day.

I have a lot more to learn about RV life. Thank you for joining my journey.

The RV Lady