How to Compare RV Rental Companies

Trust me, there are BIG differences in RV rental companies.

Once you decide where you are going to travel and what size RV you need, now comes the opportunity to compare companies for the best possible RV for rent. Remember, it is all the little things that add up to the total cost of the RV rental not just the base rate. Some of the things you need to consider in your search and cost calculation to rent a RV:

  • Do they allow pets? If so, is there a fee? (only a few do)
  • What is their smoking policy?
  • What is the daily rate? Weekly rate?
  • Any special deals?
  • How new are the vehicles?
  • Does the company own and maintain the vehicles? Or, do they only represent owners who do?
  • Does it include RV mileage? (some companies let you price both ways)
  • Is there a charge for the generator and how much?
  • Does it come with dishes, linens, tools, hoses, etc, or is that a separate fee?
  • Do they clean the RV or do you? What is the clean up fee?
  • How much is the insurance? Or, can you get a rider on your automobile policy?
  • What is the deposit? Is it refundable or can it be applied for another trip?
  • What happens if the vehicle breaks down? Do they have 24/7 emergency service available?
  • If flying into a location, do they offer airport pick-up?

Read the terms and conditions carefully, if you don’t understand or what you were told does not match what is written, then have the renting company clarify or correct it for you, BEFORE you rent.

Just as protection, be sure to take pictures of the RV inside and outside all the way around before and after you begin your RV rental, so they don’t try to charge you for damage made by someone else.

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Happy RVing, friends!

The RV Lady