Road Trip to Pick up the RV

I found my RV, a 2014 Newmar Bay Star, on-line and flew up to north of Denver to complete the purchase. I had been shopping for three years trying to decide what kind of RV to purchase.

My sister helped me drive a rental car with many of my personal belongings and my dog, Marshall, to pick up the motor home on my way to Tulsa, Oklahoma. She wrote a series of short emails to friends and family to tell them about the adventure with several pictures to share. Utah was so stunningly gorgeous, we have decided to make it part of an RV road trip. Who knew going to pick up the RV would be so much fun?



Here is my sister’s email – Day 1:

My sister and I are driving a rented Expedition through several western states. Our goal is to pick up her new motor home near Denver and then drive it on to Tulsa.

Today we started out from Phoenix at 6 am. 13 hours later we are in a hotel room in Grand Junction, Colorado.

We have delighted in red rocks and canyons and mesas and just gorgeousness. Really the pictures below do not do it justice. We have seen wide vistas with clouds and cloudbursts. Shadows moving across the landscape. Indian hogans.

One place we stopped at had Kool-Aid pickles in big jars (whole pickles soaked in cherry Kool-Aid brine without sugar). At the same place was a group of fifteen Polish speakers almost all of them from Chicago.

Here is my sister’s email – Day 2:

Gorgeous red rock in Colorado. We were continually telling each other to look, look!

Today we saw rafts going down the river, stopped at a rest areas in Parachute and then No Name rest area in Glenwood Canyon, saw a warning sign for gangs of sheep (gangs?), found a huge lavender bush, went through a mountain in a very long tunnel, and picked up a motor home. We had supper at a brewery and crashed for the day.

It was a good day.


Happy camping, friends!

The RV Lady