RV Campsite Reminder Check List

OOPS, oh no, I did it again!

So, I am just guessing that I am not the first to forget to do something when I setup or stored for travel something on my RV.

My most painful lesson came when I let someone else drive my RV with me riding shotgun. After a long day of driving we pulled into the RV site and started to open the living room slide out. Oops! Even though the manufacturer labeled the slide out button to check for obstructions before opening, we were tired, it was out of my routine and the buttons were up above our heads, so I did not see the reminder.

So, because the driver seat posed an obstruction to the slide out, it tore the leather on the back of the seat. I was sick. But this was not the first time this has happened. Again, after a LONG day of traveling, I wanted to share the RV experience with my grandson and let him push the button to open the slide out. Again, I was tired, out of my routine and the reminder to remove all obstructions was not clear to see.

In my career field I am a project manager and quite used to assigning or having tasks to do. The manufacturer provided guidance on setting up and storing for travel or for long term storage, but is really not in a handy format. So, I have created my own checklist and placed it in a plastic sleeve to serve as a reminder everything I need to do so I don’t have any more painful moments. I have made this RV reminder checklist available to you to download, modify for your own needs.

Here is to uneventful, but memorable RV trips. Is there anything you learned along the way as and RVer? Please leave a word of advice for all of us.

This is my RV Campsite Reminder Check List, feel free to use and change to your needs:

RV Campsite Reminder Check List (PDF format)

PDF format requires the free Adobe Reader or similar Adobe product on your computer.

RV Campsite Reminder Check List (Excel format)

Happy camping, friends.

The RV Lady