Second Week in my RV

Road to Skiatook, OK

My second week in my RV was a bit more restful. Or, at least I had more moments to rest as I dug through my little projects. One of the highlights that week was  the discovery of a little Mexican food restaurant in charming Skiatook, Oklahoma. One of my co-workers stayed in the same RV park and he has a fifth wheel. His wife came over from Oklahoma City for the weekend and they thoughtfully invited me to lunch.

Anyway, we tootled up to Skiatook to try out the restaurant another co-worker told us about. It was a little plain looking on the outside but boy were we impressed when we walked in. Nice, clean, almost brand new looking. They also offered lunch specials for only $5.85. We could not believe we could have such a nice meal for so cheap! Everything was cooked fresh and we stuffed ourselves. We made this a regular place to eat.

When I got back to my RV I was so relaxed, I treated myself to a weekend nap. Mind you I had been up since 5 am with my dog, Marshall, doing tons of chores. We both tend to rise early. One of my chores was to make my king size bed. It was definitely a chore and there is very little space to maneuver around the RV bed. I was thinking about the engineer who designed the room and the arguments she probably had with the salesman. I pictured the salesman who said it would be easier to make a sale of a motor home with a king size bed and the engineer saying there is not enough room to make the bed. So, I had to get on top of the bed to stretch the linens to try and get it made. My mother used to complain about making her “damn bed”. Mom, I feel the same. The engineer was right.

I spent the day reading my RV owner’s manual, trying to figure out how things work. I was at a loss to hook up the Direct TV connections and decided to wait until my son, who is tall enough, could help me. I am used to only watching local channels, so the free cable is no big deal for me. As long as I have Wi-Fi, I am good.

As a rookie RV‘er, I have spent a great deal of time reading articles about the sewer system. One smart trick I learned is to pour Calgon water softener in the black tank with Borax. It helps to “slide” things out the tube when it is time to make a sewer dump. I never think about this at home. I am trying it out this week.

A week later….

Black tank solution worked great! No smells and cleaned right out.

Happy camping, friends!

The RV Lady