Tips to Save Money When You Rent an RV

Here are just a few tips I learned while renting RVs:

1. Plan Ahead When Traveling

When you rent an RV then having a good idea of the best time to travel to a destination will save you money. For example, traveling in Alaska is busiest in June, July and August. But you can find special RV travel deals by choosing to travel during the off-season or what is called the shoulder season (just before or after the busy travel season) to save money.

Did you know that RV rentals in Alaska can be booked for up to 50% off if you book up to one-year in advance?

Search for early bird or best rate rental specials on a RV rental on-line reservation site.

2. Rent Only What You Need

RV’s come in different sizes, so think about how many of your family and friends will be going and what size bed they need to sleep in. A typical RV rental description will read something like this: “Sleeps 6 or 4 Sleeping Areas” and how many seat belts in each RV. The RV rental companies leave it up to you to figure out how many people can comfortably sleep in the RV.

Come on now, do you really see yourself being able to crawl up a ladder into a bunk above the driver’s seat to sleep for the night? Or, spreading out the cushions pushed together from the dinette? Maybe not you, but kids sure do love crawl spaces and the converted dinette areas.

Most RV rental companies will have floor plans to display that show the layout during the day and at nighttime. If they do it right they will even show you the sizes of the beds. One idea for you is to compare the RV bed size to the one you sleep in at home and you will get the idea how it will be sleeping on the road.

If you can, go to a nearby RV dealership and take a tape measure with you. Better yet, try out a couple of motor homes and lay down on the beds and sit in the chairs to give you an feel for how comfortable you will be on the road.

So rent only what you really need and add a little room to stretch out and be comfortable. If you need a some help, give the RV rental company a call and ask their advice. I know they will be more than happy to help you find just the right RV for you to rent.

3. Look for One-way RV Rentals

The major RV rental companies need to have their vehicles moved to popular tourist destinations just like the car rental companies. Some RV transfer include the rental, some include the RV insurance and some may even throw in the gas.

A new on-line company offering a listing of RV transfer options is Or, try one of the recreational vehicle rental web sites to see if they have any offerings. Also, RV rental companies hire drivers to get their vehicles from the manufacturer to their locations.

You may have to hoof it though as they often have a limited number of days to get the recreational vehicle to their location. They don’t provide much time in-between for site seeing.

4. Private Motorhome RV Rentals

Another way to rent a RV is to consider renting from an individual. I have not tried this option and would tend to be a little cautious here. Check out the post I wrote about How to Compare RV Rentals, which provides you some ideas of what to consider when renting an RV. This option certainly provides RV Owners an opportunity to earn a little money on their investment. As with all of your purchasing decisions, be smart and be safe.

Happy RVing!